Past music projects

Ivan Habernal Trio / GHC Jazz Concept

2012-2013. This trio is was latest jazz project founded in 2012. It was a modern-jazz piano trio playing our own compositions.

Persons: Václav Greif – Piano, Michal Cába – Drums, Ivan Habernal – Acoustic and 6-string Electric Bass


Marta Kubišová & Karel Štolba Band

2010-2013. It was such a great pleasure to play with this wonderful singer and person, Marta Kubišová as well as the guys from Karel Štolba Band. See her official website.


Karlovarský RepreBand

2008-2012. Jazz/pop/fusion orchestra from Karlovy Vary, four horns and the rhythm section.


Jazz Mistake

2003-2011. Jazz Mistake was founded in 2003. We performed not just in clubs all over the Czech Republic but also at various jazz festivals (e.g. Jazz na konci léta in Český Krumlov, Jazz Na ulici in Pilsen, Jazz fest Brno) and abroad (Berlin, Budapešť, Regensburg). In 2007, we released the debut album Kocour v kuchyni (Tom Cat in the Kitchen), which was accepted favourably by both critics and fans, and in February 2008 we undertook the Czech Republic tour. The style was entirely original, as we played almost exclusively our own compositions. We often incorporated odd rhytmic patterns, unusual harmonic progressions and distinctive melodic phrasing, as it is common in contemporary jazz and fusion, with emphasis on sponaneous improvisation.


Karlín Musical Theater in Prague

2008-2011. I performed in the following musicals: Jesus Christ Superstar, Carmen, The Producers, Noc na Karlštejně, Limonádový Joe.


2009-2012. Pilsen rock band.


2005-2007. Czech rock band.


Older stuff…

2006-2007. Junges Landes Theater Bayern

2009-2010. Big Band Sokolov

2009. Kentonmanina Big Band (never more! Recommendation: never play or cooperate with Rudi Mazač!!!)

2007-2009. A.S.Band

2003-2005. Living Water

2004-2005. 4-tissimo

2000-2003. Buster Nixon

2001-2003. Redingot

1994-1999. Six-Kix